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What is Guiderino exactly?

What does Guiderino do for you?

Here you can find your suitable fishing, fishing holiday and soon also fishing (near you).

Two different search methods have been developed:

#1 Filter Search:

Here you can search for your special wishes. such as:

Which species do you want to fish?
Which fishing method do you want to learn?
What language should your fishing speak?

#2 The maps search:

Here you can easily search for your water in the world map. If you click on the flag, you will be directed directly to all guides, holiday sellers or fishing landlords on this water.

You can also specify a city/region, and the perimeter search finds all the nearby waters that are being guided. A route planner is integrated and shows directly the distance by car.

So you can quickly and easily find a fishing, boat near you.

Do I have to pay something as a fishing guide?

No. You as fishing guide/angler costs the site nothing. How the site is funded is not yet decided. Probably about advertising. The site is a private project which should not be genuzt to make money. Later receipts via advertising or other direct flows directly into the own advertising of the site. Advertising in fishing magazines/Angel events (Predatortour,…) or other specific media are hovering on me like this at the moment.

How to book a fishing guide?

A direct link is inserted in the Setcard of the guide. This link will take you to the contact page of the guide. If the guide does not have its own page, you can contact us by We will then take care that the guide will be sent to you by mail/phone.

Why are there 3 different set cards?

There are 3 different set cards, one for the fishing guide, one for fishing vacancies and one for fishing boats that you can rent.
This separation makes sense, as there are providers who only offer one thing.
In addition, there are other details in each set card.
If a fishing trip provider also guidings and rental boats offers, these set cards are linked to each other.

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